We understand that time equals money and our repair process ensures quality workmanship with unsurpassed industry turnaround times.

Step 1

ASSIGNMENT – Customer calls FCR to pick up a vehicle. In most cases a general repair estimate is available before hand and any other coordination between the insurance company is typically handled by our staff. We offer these services to ensure the fastest turnaround times in the country Guaranteed!

dialing a phone

Step 2

TOWING – Towing is typically scheduled within 24 hours of assignment. Our large in-house fleet of wreckers enables us to quickly pick up your damaged unit. We offer our customers the most economical option for pick-up and delivery anywhere in the country.

retrieval coverage

Step 3

PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE – Mitchell Medium is used to complete a Preliminary Estimate. The estimate is typically completed within 48 Hours of vehicle arriving on the FCR yard and sent to the customer for approval.


Step 4

VEHICLE ENTERS THE REPAIR SHOP – Once the estimate is approved the vehicle enters the shop for repairs.

The following Steps are taken:

  1. Parts are pulled and prepared.
  2. Vehicle enters the wash bay – the vehicle is given a thorough cleaning which ensures accuracy of estimate. The cab is cleaned out and contents boxed and cataloged.
  3. Vehicle is assigned a bay and repairs begin.

Step 5


Once the vehicle is completed it undergoes a double-blind 50-point inspection. After the completion of the inspection the vehicle is scheduled for delivery.

repaired truck